Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am their namesake


Slightly strawberry blond hair
A small lady
Possessing a gentle soul
Making troubles seem silly
Brushing tears away
Mornings with toast
Smothered in butter
The scent of coffee
Thick with sugar and milk
Evenings of sweet laughter
and the scent of new found recipes
Beautiful costumes sewn with almost effortless care
Hours spent roaming the desert
Pictures of cactus blossoms
A mother and grandmother
Taken all too soon


Quiet humming
A soothing voice
Stories told reflecting a childhood long past
Simple chores made out to be games
With tales of loved ones gone or passed
Nursing a cup of hot tea
The never ending flow of words
Which teaches proper behavior in the life to come
Words seamlessly sewn together to draw in the mind
Caught up in the tight silver bun at the nape of her neck
Sparkling blue eyes filled with knowledge
She taught with patience
Through firm lessons and sly smiles
In more than name
Proven with her live love and actions

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